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Children and youth accommodation Accessible for people with impaired mobility KiJu Accommodations Jugendbildungszentrum Blossin e. V.

Waldweg 10
15754 Blossin

033767 75-0

Accommodation for allergy sufferers Certified company: Quality management child and youth tourism
Blossin is the specialist for combined education and leisure activities on land and water. The 11-hectare site, directly on Lake Wolziger See, is only a few kilometres from Berlin. Young and old can become active in the three areas "Lernwelt Blossin", "Tagungswelt Blossin" and "Erlebniswelt Blossin" and combine education, relaxation and fun in a unique way.

The "Lernwelt Blossin" offers many years of experience as a youth educational institution in the field of events for children and youth work. These include offers of extracurricular youth education, international encounters, projects for school classes, research for day care centres and primary schools as well as further education for those active in child and youth work.

t Information for guests with allergies and food intolerances

General Information

  • The distance to the nearest pollutant emission source (factory, heating station, petrol station, etc.) is more than 4,000 metres.
  • When furnishing the house, care is taken to use low-pollutant or non-polluting equipment.
  • The house is furnished without odour-intensive and allergenic plants.
  • During cleaning and care, care is taken to use mild, neutral, biodegradable cleaners, no solvents are used.
  • On request, allergologically / dermatologically harmless body care products can be made available.
  • Complete operation is smoke-free
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pet allergy sufferers

  • Pet-free rooms are available
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    • Bringing animals is possible on request.

    pollen allergy sufferers

    • There is always up-to-date information available about the seasonal course of the pollen flight in the region.

    house dust mite allergy sufferers

    • Allergic blankets and pillows without down are available
    • The bed linen is washed with at least 60°C.
    • The guest rooms are equipped with short pile carpeting, which is vacuumed daily.
    • The guest rooms are equipped with smooth flooring, which is wiped with a damp cloth every day.
    • Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter are used.
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      • The guest rooms are without upholstered furniture and withoutCurtains made of thick fabrics

    mold allergy sufferers

    • It is regularly shock ventilated.
    • Air conditioning systems (if installed) are checked according to manufacturer's guidelines and the filters are changed regularly.
    • There are guest rooms without houseplants or with exclusively hydroponic plants.
    • There are guest rooms without humidifier

    Special nutritional requirements (breakfast buffet/hotel restaurant etc.)

    • Information on the ingredients of the food/meals used can be provided on request.
    • It is possible to arrange meals according to individual needs and quantities.
    • On request, snacks can also be served outside the scheduled meal times.
    • Organic food is offered
    • Food free of flavour enhancers is offered
    • Gluten-free food is offered
    • Kosher food is offered
    • Lactose-free food is offered
    • Vegetarian food is offered
    • Special information for guests with allergies/ food intolerances can be found on the menu/ buffet/ homepage.
    • On the menu/ buffet/ homepage you will find information that the staff is available to answer questions about allergies and food intolerances.
    • Comment on request: free diet of major allergens is offered

    Professional competence/service

    • Information about further offers suitable for allergy sufferers and guests with special nutritional needs in the region can be made available.
    • Contact details for relevant contacts in the region are available
    • All employees are informed about the company's orientation towards guests with allergies and incompatibilities and take this into account in their daily work.

    Collection of data

    • Date of self-disclosure 08.05.2018
    • The data presented here is a self-disclosure by the provider.