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gastronomy Accessible for people with visual or hearing impairments ERROR: cannot translate. Error code: 403 Gasthof Endler

Mühlenstraße 14
16831 Rheinsberg


Gastronomy Deaf / hard of hearing Gastronomy for allergy sufferers Provider with certification "Brandenburger Gastlichkeit" (Brandenburg Hospitality)
The Gasthof-Endler stands for its excellent, well bourgeois, German cuisine. Depending on the season, individual offers and special dishes await you.

We obtain our raw materials from local companies. For example, seasonal vegetables from our own garden and fresh eggs from our free-range hens. Our specialities are especially the good home cooking and the delicious game dishes. Here you can taste our products from the heart and enjoy the idyll of our courtyard.

We also frequently organise seasonal speciality weeks. For example during the asparagus season or on the occasion of the "Wild Weeks". Here we take to our otherwise usual offer, particularly tasty courts for connoisseurs at affordable prices with on the menu.

Also our offered wines are of high quality and are purchased from a family business at the Mosel (winery Alfons Eifel from Trittenheim). In addition, an interesting programme of international wines is available for your palate. Let yourself be surprised by the variety and aromas.

We have 52 seats in the restaurant. Our courtyard has a capacity of 24 seats. In the outside area of the Schloß- und Mühlenstr. there are further places available.

Opening Hours

Monday 11:00h - 21:00h
Tuesday 11:00h - 21:00h
Wednesday 11:00h - 21:00h
Thursday 11:00h - 21:00h
Friday 11:00h - 21:00h
Saturday 11:00h - 21:00h
Sunday/Holiday 11:00h - 21:00h
Kalte Speisen ab 17.00 Uhr, Küchenschluß 21:00 Uhr

t Information for deaf and hard of hearing guests

Essential information

  • Optical perceptibility of essential information


  • Seats with bright and glare-free lighting available
  • Mutual eye contact not obstructed
  • Only low ambient noise in the seating area
  • No direct acoustic irradiation of the table area
  • Nearby loudspeakers can be separately controlled or switched off
  • Reservation of the table is also possible other than by telephone.
  • Total number of corresponding tables 16
  • Total number of corresponding seats 70
  • Comment Seats inside: 50Seats outside: 20

Professional competence/service

  • Information about further barrier-free offers in the region can be made available.
  • Information on barrier-free arrival and departure by public transport can be provided.
  • A sign language or written interpreter can be organised on request.
  • Comment: Sign language interpreter bookable via contact person at the city of Rheinsberg (Representative for the Disabled)

Collection of data

  • Investigator (Institution) TV RSL
  • Date of data collection 11.02.2016
  • The data presented here are verified data

t Information for guests with allergies and food intolerances

General Information

  • The distance to the nearest pollutant emission source (factory, heating station, petrol station, etc.) is more than 1,000 metres.
  • The house is furnished without odour-intensive and allergenic plants.
  • Complete operation is smoke-free
  • There are non-smoking areas in the company

pet allergy sufferers

  • There are no animals on the holding or in its immediate vicinity

house dust mite allergy sufferers

  • The restaurant is equipped with a smooth floor, which is wiped daily with a damp cloth.

Special nutritional requirements (breakfast buffet/hotel restaurant etc.)

  • Information on the ingredients of the food/meals used can be provided on request.
  • It is possible to arrange meals according to individual needs and quantities.
  • On request, snacks can also be served outside the scheduled meal times.
  • Gluten-free food is offered
  • Free food is offered from major allergens
  • Vegetarian food is offered
  • Special information for guests with allergies/ food intolerances can be found on the menu/ buffet/ homepage.
  • On the menu/ buffet/ homepage you will find information that the staff is available to answer questions about allergies and food intolerances.

Professional competence/service

  • All employees are informed about the company's orientation towards guests with allergies and incompatibilities and take this into account in their daily work.

Collection of data

  • Investigator (Institution) TV RSL
  • The data presented here is a self-disclosure by the provider.
  • Date of data collection 11.02.2016