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active experiences Accessible for people with impaired mobility Erlebnisbahn Draisine Templin – Fürstenberg

Basisstation Templin
Zehdenicker Straße
17268 Templin


Leisure Wheelchair users
You can rent the trolleys daily from April to October for half and full day excursions. With the "Für-jeden-etwas-Tour", the half-day tour, the morning and afternoon can be started from the trolley station in Fürstenberg. If you are looking for fun and relaxation for a whole day, the "I-love-Brandenburg-Tour" from Templin is the perfect way to get there. In principle, all trolleys travel in one direction until the direction of travel is changed, up to a maximum of Hohenlychen. So there's never any oncoming traffic. So at the end of the tour you will reach your car or the train station nearby.

Half day tour from Fürstenberg: from 36,90 EUR per bicycle trolley (2-4 persons)
Day trip from Templin: from 59,90 EUR per bicycle trolley, from 84,90 EUR per club trolley (3-5 persons), from 139,90 EUR per electric trolley (3-7 persons)
Our tip: It is best to book your trolley in advance by telephone or online.

Opening Hours

Täglich von April bis Oktober.

t Information for guests with reduced mobility

Short description

  • 2 designated disabled parking spaces available
  • stepless access to the trolley: via ramp
  • Road condition Outdoor area: water-bound blanket/grass, rubber mats
  • No guest toilet for guests with reduced mobility available
Special features:
  • One of the trolleys is also available for guests withMobility restrictions accompanied by two with the legs(the vehicle cannot be moved by a wheelchair rider alone):
  • the bench seat located between the two bicycle seats may beso that on the trolley place a wheelchair place can be removed.finds. Instead of using his legs, the wheelchair user can use the trolley thanks to theof a special height-adjustable manual drive with the armsand move it around. Thanks to two aluminium ramps, the trolley platform can be steplesslycan be driven on.
  • At the start and finish point of the trolley route in Templin and inFürstenberg there are guest toilets, but they are not specially designed forguests with reduced mobility.
  • There are no toilets for guests directly along the route. with mobility impairments.
  • For breaks or overtaking manoeuvresthe trolley can be mountedor transfer points can be lifted out of the track bed by hand. For thiswheelchair users need helping fellow travellers. Some of the stops suitable for guests with limited mobilitynot as a starting point for excursions, as the transfer points can only be reached via theSteps or stairs can be left (e.g. French oak),Lido Lychen).
  • Unproblematic starting points for excursions along theDraisin sections are for example Altplacht, Hohenlychen and Tangersdorf. Theadjacent forest and meadow paths are partly very sandy.
  • To return from the end point of the Draisin route to the starting point of thethe public bus services of the UckermärkischenVerkehrsgesellschaft mbH (UVG) - however, there are noLow-floor vehicles in use.
  • Alternatively, you can use a transport service or special taxi companycan be accessed.

    car parking spaces

    • Number of designated disabled parking spaces near entrance 2
    • comment
      • At the base station in Templin, 2 parking spaces are designated as disabled parking spaces.
      • In Fürstenberg/Havel there are numerous parking spaces available, but not designated as disabled parking spaces.

    Access and paths Indoor area

    • via ramp
    • Ramp height 27 m
    • Ramp length 95 m
    • Ramp inclination 29
    • Comment:
      • The 27cm high trolley platform can be driven on steplessly thanks to two mobile aluminium ramps. If the bench seat is removed between the two bicycle seats, there is room for a wheelchair in the middle (footprint: 115cm x 60cm, platform narrowed to 60cm x 80cm in front).
      • The manual drive can be adjusted in height by different angles - standard height is 95cm.
      • The two aluminium ramps are mounted behind the wheelchair as a transverse protection against rolling away after the trolley has been driven over.

    Access and paths Outdoor area

    • stepless path guidance possible
    • Comment:
      • The start and end stations of the Draisin line are fastened with wooden planks and rubber mats, the way to the parking lots is partly paved (Templin), partly overgrown with grass (Fürstenberg).
      • At the bus stops and transfer stations along the route, a larger area is fastened with wooden planks, the surrounding terrain and road network is largely unspoilt and partly very sandy.

    guest toilet

    • Width of the narrowest of all doors, corridors and passages to be used 80 cm
    • Door does not open into the sanitary room
    • Length of the movement area in front of the washbasin 100 cm
    • Depth of the washstand undercarriage (at a height of 67 cm) 20 cm
    • Upper edge of washbasin (armrest surface) from floor 85 cm
    • no mirror above the washbasin, visible while sitting or standing
    • Length of the movement area in front of the toilet bowl 75 cm
    • Width of the movement area in front of the toilet bowl 120 cm
    • no handholds next to the WC available
    • Seat height of toilet bowl (upper edge of toilet seat) 41 cm
    • no emergency call available
    • Comment:
      • the measured values refer to the guest toilet at the base station in Fürstenberg. Although it is relatively spacious in front of the washbasin, it is otherwise not particularly suitable for guests with limited mobility.
      • Also in Templin and along the route there are no toilets specially designed for guests with reduced mobility.

    Professional competence/service

    • Information about further barrier-free offers in the region can be made available.
    • Information on barrier-free arrival and departure by public transport can be provided.
    • Transfer or pick-up from the station/bus stop etc. is possible.

    Collection of data

    • Researcher (Institution) Tourist Association Ruppiner Land
    • Researcher (Institution) Tourism Academy Brandenburg
    • Date of data collection 28.05.2014
    • The data presented here are verified data