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Children and youth accommodation ERROR: cannot translate. Error code: 403 Accessible for people with impaired mobility KiJu Accommodations Yes, with star-classification AWO Erlebnishof Beeskow

Lübbener Chaussee 8
15848 Beeskow


Accommodation for wheelchair users Shelter mentally handicapped Accommodation for allergy sufferers Certified company: Quality management child and youth tourism 2 stars
The renovated AWO Erlebnishof Beeskow, a hostel house with a pet farm, awaits its guests in the main house with 69 beds and a separate area, the "Gewölbe" for small groups with 19 beds. In the house "Schnute" also self-catering groups up to 30 persons find an accommodation with good kitchen equipment and clubroom. We offer full board, half board or breakfast. Vegetarian food and the consideration of religious eating habits are possible. There is the possibility of self-catering with a good kitchen equipment. In 2014 the garden and the pet farm were redesigned. The result is a beach volleyball court, a football and basketball court, an archery range, a large playground, a stage and a hammock area. Two barbecue huts, roofed seating areas, table tennis, outdoor table football and billiards as well as the high rope climbing facility complete the fantastic garden. The house is a certified GUT DRAUF house of the BZgA and would like to offer a lot of exercise, healthy nutrition and relaxing moments. There are a variety of educational programs and team actions. The focus is on social learning with fun. Programs with animals and our own dogs are also offered. Our offers with animals are also suitable for people with disabilities.

Member of the Berlin-Brandenburg State Association for Children's and Youth Travel

t Information for guests with reduced mobility

Short description

General Information on Accessibility
  • no designated disabled parking spaces, but plenty of space in the parking lot
  • Access to the building: wheelchair lift at the back of the house
  • 3 multi-bed rooms on the ground floor, infinitely variable access
  • Group rooms on the ground floor can be reached steplessly
  • all paths in the garden and in front of the house wheelchair accessible paved
Rooms & Sanitary area
  • 3 multi-bed rooms on the ground floor, infinitely variable access
  • Width of the narrowest of all doors, corridors and passages to be used: 80 cm
  • Movement area in the room: >150 cm x > 150 cm
  • Door width sanitary area: 80 cm
  • Movement area in front of the WC: 114 cm x > 150 cm, right 38 cm x > 150 cm, left: > 150 cm x 130 cm, handles available
  • Shower is infinitely variable with wheelchair accessible, movement area of the shower: 121 cm x > 150 cm, seating in the shower not available
special features
  • Access to the building is via a wheelchair lift.

    car parking spaces

    • Comment There is a large parking lot directly in front of the house.

    Access to the farm

    • stepless access
    • Entrance door passage width 97 cm
    • Comment:
      • Access to the building is via a wheelchair lift.


    • Reception counter or table not partially lowered to a height of 85cm but other possibility of communication available in sitting position


    • Width of the corridors leading to the rooms 123 cm
    • Width of corridors leading to other facilities (e.g. dining area) 151 cm


    • stepless access
    • door width of the room 94 cm
    • Width of the narrowest of all doors, corridors and passages to be used 94 cm
    • Length of the area of movement before the passage to a long side of the bed >150 cm
    • Width of the area of movement before the passage to a long side of the bed >150 cm
    • Width of the moving surface on this long side of the bed >150 cm
    • Width of movement areas in front of furniture (e.g. cupboard) >150 cm
    • Width of the narrowest passage inside the room 151 cm
    • Height of the lying surface 48 cm
    • Number of accessible beds (at least 15 cm high, across the entire width of the bed) 2
    • Kitchen equipment (if available) not accessible by wheelchair
    • Comment:
      • The rooms are equipped with 2 bunk beds.
      • The lower floor is well usable by wheelchair users.
      • The ladders can be removed if necessary.

    Sanitary room to the room

    • stepless access
    • Door width to the sanitary room 80 cm
    • Width of the narrowest of all doors, corridors and passages to be used 80 cm
    • Door opens into the sanitary room, but does not influence the movement surfaces
    • Length of the movement area in front of the washbasin 113 cm
    • Width of the movement area in front of the washbasin >150 cm
    • Depth of the washstand underride (at a height of 67 cm) 14 cm
    • Upper edge of washbasin (armrest surface) from floor 80 cm
    • mirror above the washbasin, visible while sitting or standing
    • Length of the movement area in front of the toilet bowl >150 cm
    • Width of movement area in front of WC bowl 114 cm
    • Length of the movement area to the right of the toilet bowl >150 cm
    • Width of the movement area to the right of the WC bowl 38 cm
    • Length of the movement area to the left of the WC bowl 130 cm
    • Width of the movement area to the left of the toilet bowl >150 cm
    • Hand grips next to the WC on the right and left side available
    • Height (top edge) of the handles 71 cm
    • The handholds protrude over the front edge of the toilet bowl 15 cm
    • Distance between handholds 70 cm
    • Both handles can be folded up and locked in the folded up position
    • Seat height of toilet bowl (upper edge of toilet seat) 45 cm
    • Infinitely variable shower for a wheelchair
    • Length of the movement area of the shower >150 cm
    • Width of the movement area of the shower 121 cm
    • height of shower handles from the floor 80 cm
    • fixed, folding or suspended shower seat available
    • Height of shower armature (can be reached from a sitting position to the side) 117 cm
    • Emergency call available
    • Comment:
      • Shower and WC are 2 separate shared sanitary rooms accessible from the corridor. The door width to the shower room is 80 cm, to the WC 94 cm.
      • An emergency call is only available in the WC.

    separate guest toilet

    • Comment: The WC is accessible from the corridor. The dimensions are the same as those of the sanitary rooms.

    Access to conference and event rooms

    • Comment:
      • In the main building all group rooms on the ground floor are steplessly accessible.
      • The group rooms in the leisure house only over 6 narrow steps. Wheelchairs must be worn. Electric wheelchairs don't work.

    Access to breakfast room/restaurant/dining room

    • stepless access
    • Entrance door passage width 97 cm
    • Comment: The dining rooms are located in the main building on the ground floor and can be reached steplessly.

    The above data were collected for

    • Shared room (room number: ) 1
    • additional multi-bed rooms (room number: ) 3
    • Comment:
      • The beds on the upper floor and in the vault are only accessible via steps.
      • The measured rooms are on the ground floor of the main building.

    Professional competence/service

    • Information about further barrier-free offers in the region can be made available.
    • Information on barrier-free arrival and departure by public transport can be provided.
    • Transfer or pick-up from the station/bus stop etc. is possible.
    • Comment: The contact to a taxi service can be established.

    Collection of data

    • Date of data collection 23.02.2016

    t Information for Guests with Learning Disabilities/ "Mental Disability

    Short description

    • Many guests with learning difficulties were already here. For example, residential groups with adults and school classes. Allen liked it a lot.
    • There are special leisure programs for all ages.
    • The area is clearly arranged. You can't get lost. A fence surrounds the area.
    • You can come here as a group. You can come alone or in pairs. Please let me know beforehand.
    • There are dogs in the yard. They like to work with people. You can stroke her.
    • There are many other animals: ponies and donkeys. You can touch them, take care of them or go hiking with them.
    • There are also cats, sheep, small pigs and rabbits.
    • Next door there is a sheep farm experience world. There you can touch sheep and learn a lot: How does a shepherd live? How is wool made?
    • You can feel and smell a lot.
    • You can learn how a beekeeper works.

      That's good to know:

      • There is a lot of information about this offer. They're easy to understand. There are many good pictures in the information. You explain a lot of things.
      • There's good signs and signposts. You always find the way.
      • Everything will be explained and shown to you in peace. You can ask questions.
      • Do you need an accompanying person or support? Do you need a care service? We can make recommendations.
      • Further information:
        • There are many pictures on the website.
        • The rooms are painted with animal pictures. It's a quick way to find your room.
        • Sometimes you want to be left alone. You can retire to the leisure house or book a relaxation programme or use the hammock area in the garden.
        • There is a completely new garden with stage, beach volleyball, barbecue hut, football pitch and archery.

      We can still do that for you:

      • Would you like to have tips for excursions without barriers? We have ideas for you.
      • Are you coming by train? Or by bus? We have suggestions for you.
      • We can pick you up at the station. Or from the bus stop. Or we can recommend a driving service to you.
      • Further information:

      Who collected this information? When?

      • Experts have checked: Is the information above correct?
      • Researcher (Institution) Tourism Academy Brandenburg
      • When did the information come from? 23.02.2016

      t Information for guests with allergies and food intolerances

      General Information

      • The distance to the nearest pollutant emission source (factory, heating station, petrol station, etc.) is less than 1,000 metres.
      • The house is furnished without odour-intensive and allergenic plants.
      • Complete operation is smoke-free
      • Non-smoking rooms are available
      • Comment refrigerators for storing medicines and special foods are available.

      pet allergy sufferers

      • Comment The farm is absolutely not suitable for animal hair allergy sufferers.

      Special nutritional requirements (breakfast buffet/hotel restaurant etc.)

      • Information on the ingredients of the food/meals used can be provided on request.
      • It is possible to arrange meals according to individual needs and quantities.
      • On request, snacks can also be served outside the scheduled meal times.
      • Food free of flavour enhancers is offered
      • Gluten-free food is offered
      • Free food is offered from major allergens
      • Kosher food is offered
      • Lactose-free food is offered
      • Vegetarian food is offered
      • Vegan food is offered
      • Special information for guests with allergies/ food intolerances can be found on the menu/ buffet/ homepage.
      • On the menu/ buffet/ homepage you will find information about the alcohol content of the dishes.
      • comment
        • There are 3 different kitchens for cooking.
        • Kosher food is also available on request.
        • The Kinder- und Jugendhof works together with a large food supplier who also specialises in allergy sufferers.
        • For allergy sufferers, the dishes are marked with small signs.

      Professional competence/service

      • Contact details for relevant contacts in the region are available
      • All employees are informed about the company's orientation towards guests with allergies and incompatibilities and take this into account in their daily work.

      Collection of data

      • Date of self-disclosure 23.02.2016
      • The data presented here is a self-disclosure by the provider.