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Ringchaussee 136
03096 Burg (Spreewald)


Gastronomy for allergy sufferers Provider with certification "Brandenburger Gastlichkeit" (Brandenburg Hospitality)
We cook and bake with passion, with a lot of tact, with devotion, with organic food - out of conviction, with a regional background and with a lot of love. Our goal is to bring joie de vivre and enjoyment into harmony with holistic well-being. We choose food carefully. Of course, most of these come from close up.

We have experience with individual wishes concerning the preparation of food - many food intolerances and allergies are known to us and we act sensitively. The restaurant also has a vegetarian and vegan dish on the menu.
Capacities: Hotel restaurant 60 seats, Kemenate 25 seats, summer garden 80 seats

Opening Hours

Monday 18:00h - 20:30h
Tuesday 18:00h - 20:30h
Wednesday 18:00h - 20:30h
Thursday 18:00h - 20:30h
Friday 18:00h - 20:30h
Saturday 18:00h - 20:30h
Sunday/Holiday 18:00h - 20:30h
Um Reservierung im Voraus wird ausdrücklich gebeten.

t Information for guests with allergies and food intolerances

General Information

  • The distance to the nearest pollutant emission source (factory, heating station, petrol station, etc.) is more than 4,000 metres.
  • When furnishing the house, care is taken to use low-pollutant or non-polluting equipment.
  • The house is furnished without odour-intensive and allergenic plants.
  • During cleaning and care, care is taken to use mild, neutral, biodegradable cleaners, no solvents are used.
  • Complete operation is smoke-free

pet allergy sufferers

  • There are no animals on the holding or in its immediate vicinity
  • Comment Animals on neighboring properties (dogs, cats)

pollen allergy sufferers

  • There is always up-to-date information available about the seasonal course of the pollen flight in the region.
  • Commentary Pollen forecast available on the Internet

house dust mite allergy sufferers

  • The restaurant is equipped with a smooth floor, which is wiped daily with a damp cloth.
  • Comment Floor covering: Wooden floorboards

mold allergy sufferers

  • It is regularly shock ventilated.

Special nutritional requirements (breakfast buffet/hotel restaurant etc.)

  • Information on the ingredients of the food/meals used can be provided on request.
  • It is possible to arrange meals according to individual needs and quantities.
  • On request, snacks can also be served outside the scheduled meal times.
  • Organic food is offered
  • Food free of flavour enhancers is offered
  • Gluten-free food is offered
  • Free food is offered from major allergens
  • Lactose-free food is offered
  • Vegetarian food is offered
  • Vegan food is offered
  • Special information for guests with allergies/ food intolerances can be found on the menu/ buffet/ homepage.
  • On the menu/ buffet/ homepage you will find information that the staff is available to answer questions about allergies and food intolerances.
  • Comment On request, meals can be prepared without certain major allergens.

Professional competence/service

  • Information about further offers suitable for allergy sufferers and guests with special nutritional needs in the region can be made available.
  • Contact details for relevant contacts in the region are available
  • All employees are informed about the company's orientation towards guests with allergies and incompatibilities and take this into account in their daily work.
  • A service and kitchen staff member is available at all times as a competent contact person in the company

Collection of data

  • The data presented here is a self-disclosure by the provider.
  • Date of self-disclosure 22.09.2015