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museums castles Accessible for people with impaired mobility Burg Eisenhardt Bad Belzig

Museum Burg Eisenhardt
Wittenberger Straße 14
14806 Bad Belzig


Leisure Wheelchair users
Eisenhardt Castle is located on a spur-like ridge of the Fläming in the southwest of Bad Belzig. Traces of 3000 years of building history can be found on the castle hill. From 1993, for example, the Romanesque castle chapel was excavated. In the middle of the 15th century the Electors of Saxony built a fortress (1465 "Eisenhardt"). At the end of the 15th century the complex was converted into a fortified castle. With its cell vault, the Torhaus represents a unique combination of Saxon fortress and castle architecture. The "Eisenhardt" was destroyed by Sweden in 1636. Extensive renovations are documented for the end of the 17th century. After a visit of the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm IV in 1849, extensive restoration work was carried out on the castle on his instructions. From the winter of 1989 to 2008, the facility was comprehensively renovated.

The museum of local history is located in the late Gothic gatehouse of Eisenhardt Castle. For example, you will find information about the history of the castle and the Battle of the Landwehr near Hagelberg in 1813. The exhibition also includes the presentation of the Reichsschule der Technischen Nothilfe and the women's concentration camp "Roederhof" Belzig.

The castle tower offers a beautiful view of the city and the Fläming landscape.

In addition to guided tours, the local history museum also offers adventure projects for every occasion. In full battle armour it goes into a special medieval experience.

Opening Hours

Wednesday 13:00h - 17:00h
Thursday 13:00h - 17:00h
Friday 13:00h - 17:00h
Saturday 10:00h - 17:00h
Sunday/Holiday 10:00h - 17:00h

t Information for guests with reduced mobility

Short description

General information on accessibility:
  • the steep access to the castle can easily be overcome by car, there are 4 designated disabled parking spaces in the castle courtyard
  • Indoor access: via 2 steps (12cm and 4cm), then further via ramp
  • Outdoor access: via ramp
  • Condition of the path Outdoor area: level to coarse cobblestone pavement in the castle courtyard
  • Guest toilet for guests with restricted mobility, infinitely variable. Door width: 95 cm, movement area in front of WC: >150 cm x 111 cm, right: >150 cm x 60 cm, left: 0 cm, handles available
Special features:
  • On the way to the exhibition rooms steps have to be crossed (height: 11 cm; 14 cm).
  • The exhibition room on the upper floor and the castle tower can only be reached by stairs.
  • The exhibits are easily visible from a sitting position.

    car parking spaces

    • Number of designated disabled parking spaces near entrance 4
    • Comment 3 of the parking spaces are in front of the hotel building in the castle courtyard; the fourth is about 50 m from the museum entrance.
      Buses can only stop down the street. Thus the way to the castle from the bus is quite steep.

    Access and paths Indoor area

    • Number of level(s) 1
    • Total height of steps 16 cm
    • via ramp
    • Ramp height 0.17 m
    • Ramp length 0.81 m
    • Ramp inclination 21%
    • Entrance door passage width 102 cm
    • passage width of the narrowest of all other doors to be used 96 cm
    • passage width of the narrowest of all other corridors and passages to be used 90 cm
    • Comment:
      • At the entrance there are two steps directly one behind the other at a height of 12 and 4 cm.
      • The ramp then leads from the entrance door into the indoor area.


    • Reception counter or table partly lowered to a height of 85cm

    Access and paths Outdoor area

    • stepless path guidance possible
    • via ramp
    • Ramp height 1.12 m
    • Ramp length 14 m
    • Ramp inclination 8%
    • Entrance door passage width 151 cm
    • Width of passage of the narrowest of all other doors to be used 151 cm
    • Road condition:
      • The main road is paved. The rest of the castle courtyard consists of coarse cobblestones.
      • At the passage to the castle courtyard 2 thresholds (3 cm) have to be passed.

    guest toilet

    • passage width of the door to the sanitary room 95 cm
    • Width of the narrowest of all doors, corridors and passages to be used 94 cm
    • Door does not open into the sanitary room
    • Length of the movement area in front of the washbasin >150 cm
    • Width of the movement area in front of the washbasin 122 cm
    • Depth of the washstand undercarriage (at a height of 67 cm) 16 cm
    • Upper edge of the washbasin (armrest surface) from the floor 90.5 cm
    • no mirror above the washbasin, visible while sitting or standing
    • Length of the movement area in front of the toilet bowl >150 cm
    • Width of movement area in front of WC bowl 111 cm
    • Length of the movement area to the right of the toilet bowl >150 cm
    • Width of movement area to the right of the WC bowl 60 cm
    • Handrails next to the WC only available on the right side
    • Height (top edge) of the handles 80.5 cm
    • right handle can be folded up and locked when folded up
    • no emergency call available
    • Comment: The WC is located in the extra building on the Burghof courtyard and can be accessed steplessly via a flat path.

    Collection of data

    • Investigator (Institution) TAB
    • Date of data collection 31.08.2017
    • The data presented here are verified data