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skating tracks Flaeming-Skate

Landkreis Teltow-Fläming, SG Wirtschaftsförderung, Tourismus und Mobilität, SB Flaeming-Skate
Am Nuthefließ 2
14943 Luckenwalde


Leisure Wheelchair users
The Flaeming-Skate is the Eldorado for all inline skaters. Around 190 kilometres of inline paths with fine asphalt specially designed for skating lead through landscapes rich in tradition and history without interruption. Many interesting sights line the tours: the Zinna monastery, the Paltrock windmill, Dahme and Jüterborg with their medieval townscape. The paths are on average 3m wide and the various skate routes are connected to each other to form a network. All routes are very well signposted, so that you do not need any further route description except a map. You should only pay attention to the different levels of difficulty of the routes and choose them according to your driving safety. In addition to the big circuit presented here, the skate region offers three smaller circuits with a length of approx. 10 km and two 20 km long routes each.
Length:148 km (further distances possible)
Start/Finish: Luckenwalde

Luckenwalde - Jänickendorf - Petkus - Wahlsdorf - Wiepersdorf - Oehna - Dennewitz - Jüterbog - Zinna Monastery - Luckenwalde - Jüterbog
Rubber: very good
Difficulty: easy to difficult depending on stage

Please note thelegal regulations and StVO for inline skating.
Approach: By train: RE4 to Jüterbog or Luckenwalde, InterConnex to Luckenwalde. By car: A9, A10, A13/A113, B101 direction Luckenwalde/Jüterbog, B102 direction Jüterbog, signs "Fläming-Skate" at the entry points.
Sights along the route:
  • Luckenwalde: Fläming-Therme, local history museum with the permanent exhibition "Luckenwalde - the history of an industrial town", local history animal park

  • Jüterbog: Cultural quarter monastery, city wall, defensive towers and city gates

  • Zinna Monastery: Cistercian monastery Zinna with show distillery

  • Wiepersdorf: Wiepersdorf Castle and House of Artists

Map recommendations
  • Brochure "Skate-Region Fläming", Flaeming-Skate GmbHhere request.

  • "Cycling and skating in the district of Teltow-Fläming", 1:75.000, Pietruska Verlag, ISBN 3934895697

  • "Skateline-Guide Flaeming-Skate", 1:35.000, Esterbauer- Verlag, ISBN 3-85000-153-9, 7,50 Euro


t Information for guests with reduced mobility

Short description

Special features:
  • here the WC in the manor house Petkus was seized, Merzdorfer Straße 36
  • Further toilets are available,
  • Luckenwalde, Am Markt, behind the church, (Eurokeys available at the city administration)
  • Luckenwalde, animal park, not far from the entry point Lückegärten (Attention, the last 50meters are not asphalted and may be a little bumpy, keys in thecash desk)
  • Luckenwalde, district administration(at the entry point Kreishaus, during the opening hours of the administration)
  • Kolzenburg, across from the restaurant "Eichenkranz"(public toilet)
  • At the Erlebnishof Werder(key at reception)
  • Cultural centre DAS HAUS in Niedergörsdorfer district Altes Lager (access via ramp at the right side entrance to Touristinfo)
  • Flaeming-Camping Oehna(please report to reception)

    guest toilet

    • Door width to the sanitary room 92 cm
    • Width of the narrowest of all doors, corridors and passageways to be used 88 cm
    • Door does not open into the sanitary room
    • Length of the movement area in front of the washbasin 140 cm
    • Width of the movement area in front of the washbasin 120 cm
    • Depth of the washstand undercarriage (at a height of 67 cm) 16 cm
    • Upper edge of washbasin (armrest surface) from floor 82 cm
    • no mirror above the washbasin, visible while sitting or standing
    • Length of the movement area in front of the toilet bowl 140 cm
    • Width of the movement area in front of the toilet bowl 120 cm
    • Length of the movement area to the right of the WC bowl 83 cm
    • Width of the movement area to the right of the toilet bowl >150 cm
    • Hand grips next to the WC on the right and left side available
    • Height (upper edge) of the handles 84 cm
    • Distance between handles 91 cm
    • right handle can be folded up and locked when folded up
    • Seat height of toilet bowl (upper edge of toilet seat) 50 cm
    • Emergency call available
    • Comment:
      • public toilet, house connected to the Flaeming-Skate via an asphalt ramp
      • Here the WC in the manor house Petkus was seized, Merzdorfer road 36, 15837 Baruth

    Professional competence/service

    • Comment: At the Flaeming-Skate a limited number of "special vehicles" are available for rent. Please book in advance.

      Kuhlmey Inn, Kolzenburg
      1 Rollfiets
      1 handbike
      Price: 4 Euro full day
      Registration: Tel. (03371) 610729

      Adventure farm Werder
      1 Rollfiets
      1 tandem
      Price: 6 Euro/day
      Registration: Tel. (03372) 44380

      Seniorenresidenz "Am Schlosspark" Dahme/Mark
      1 Rollfiets
      2 tricycles
      1 tandem
      Price: Rollfiets 7 Euro/day, otherwise 5 Euro/day
      Registration: Tel. (035451) 8930