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Accessible for people with impaired mobility Water hiking rest and guest berths Bootsservice Rick an der Schlossinsel

Schloßinsel 6
17252 Mirow


Leisure Wheelchair users
Boat service Rick at the castle island

t Information for guests with reduced mobility

Short description

Brief description:

  • floating dockpresent
  • difference in altitudeWater surface/ top edge of web: 52 cm
  • web width 130 cm
  • entrancefrom floating jetty to main jetty over ramp (40 cm long)
  • entrancefrom the jetty on land: stepless
  • road conditionExterior: Ballast, solid sand
  • NoneGuest toilet for guests with reduced mobility
  • MiscellaneousGastronomy in 300 m distance in the city centre
  • Shop withbasic necessities in the harbour building, supermarket in 700 m
  • Nonebarrier-free shower/ sanitary rooms/ changing rooms

Special features:

  • goodextended floating dock
  • harbour buildingsin 30 m over slight gradient attainable, there small Shop/Bistro/Brötchenservice
  • Palace/Park100 m steplessly accessible
  • AlsoAdventure church with crypt (only partially barrier-free) and love island inclose proximity
  • downtown300 m via paved path (short piece of coarsely paved road), therediverse gastronomy)

    car parking spaces

    • comment
      • large, solid sandy area in front of the harbour building as parking lot

    Access and paths Indoor area

    • stepless access
    • Entrance door passage width 151 cm
    • Comment:
      • harbour buildings30m via a slight incline
      • port officeat the same time kiosk, souvenir shop, shop with basic supplies, bread roll service
      • Nextsanitation facilities


    • Reception counter or table not partially lowered to a height of 85cm but other possibility of communication available in sitting position

    Access and paths Outdoor area

    • stepless path guidance possible
    • Road condition:
      • Solid earth,concrete slabs

      • Slight gradientover 30m to the harbour building, partly a bit uneven but feasible
    • Comment:
      • lock/park in 100m infinitely variable reachable
      • AlsoAdventure church with crypt (only partially barrier-free) and love island inclose proximity
      • downtownin 300m over paved way attainable (short piece roughly paved), therediverse gastronomy
      • AlsoBus stop in the same direction in 250m
      • shopping opportunitiesin the shop in the harbour office, supermarket 700 m in the direction of the city centre

    Collection of data

    • Researcher (Institution) Tourist Association Ruppiner Seenland
    • Date of self-disclosure 27.07.2018