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Being active and indulging in sporting activities –in Brandenburg you can do that barrier-free! From the rear seat of a tandem, blind visitors can feel the wind in their hair, in Fläming sportsmen and –women with restricted mobility compete on hand bikes with in-line skaters. At the Ostrich Farm in the Spreewald visitors with learning difficulties can enjoy an amazing guided tour and learn all about these exotic birds with their long necks and beaks. We have put together a few initial suggestions for you on this page. Go to Search & Find for other offers or browse our partner website for more inspiration.

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Hand bikes and Rollfiets on the Flaeming-Skate
Hand bikes and Rollfiets on the Flaeming-Skate

Brandenburg is cycling country – more and more cycle ways are being discovered, including by visitors with restricted mobility, because they are eminently suitable, due to their topography and well-constructed cycle paths, for tours by hand bike or Rollfiet.

Deserving of particular recommendation is, for example, circuit 2 on the Flaeming-Skate. Further information, including details of hire stations and toilet facilities for visitors with restricted mobility along the route, can be found here.

In the Ruppiner Land, you can ride along some fantastic routes, e.g. to Menz, Neuglobsow, Linow, Zechlinerhütte and Prebelow. The starting and finish point for selected routes is the Hotel HausRheinsberg. Visit their website for route descriptions with a number of important notes for wheelchair users.

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Out of your wheelchair and on to horseback with the help of a hoist
Out of your wheelchair and on to horseback with the help of a hoist

The Grüneberg Stables in the Ruppiner Land offer riding lessons for children, young people and adults – at beginners and advanced level. When extending the stables, the owners gave systematic thought to the barrier-free layout of the facilities. Visitors with restricted mobility can take advantage of good access facilities to the buildings, stables and to the animals. One innovative feature is the lift, which is used to help get visitors out of their wheelchairs and onto the horses’ backs. Visitors with learning difficulties or sensual impairments are also made very welcome here.

The riding facilities on offer comprise, among other things, therapeutic riding in a narrower sense, although visitors with handicaps who are keen to try riding as a sport or who simply enjoy anything to do with horses will have no difficulty in finding something to suit them. On request, terms can be quoted for hourly or day-long sessions for overnight visitors; three of the four holiday apartments at the Grüneberg Stables feature barrier-free accessibility. Detailed information relating to the barrier-free status at the riding stables can be found here. Detailed information about the holiday apartments can be found here.

The Grüneberg Stables operate in close association with the Radensleben riding school. Detailed information on barrier-free status is also available for this establishment – you will find it here.

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Tactile Map of Lusatian Lakeland
Tactile Map of Lusatian Lakeland

As a blind visitor, can you imagine actively pedaling off, listening to the water lapping the edges of the first flooded lakes and maybe even discerning traces of lignite lingering in the air? – No problem in the post-mining landscape of the Lusatian Lakeland! On specific dates and in response to individual requests, aktiv-tours offer guided tandem tours for groups of blind and visually impaired people in Lusatia. Let the aktiv-tours team pick you up you from the station, run your fingers over the 5 sq. m. tactile survey map and find out where the tour will take you and order your lunch with the help of a Braille menu – the team has thought of everything and with their experience, you can be sure you are in good hands.

Here you will find detailed information on barrier-free status.

Further providers of facilities in the Sports & Aktivities category can be found under Search & Find.