Experiencing Nature Barrier-freeListen to text: Experiencing Nature Barrier-free

Do you have that niggling thought "Thanks to ramps, contrast strips etc., I have no problem getting round lots of buildings. But when it comes to nature, I can’t see how that is going to work"? Then you have yet to sample the Manor Park of Dahlen with its touch-and-go route marking, or the Forest Adventure Path which is also accessible to wheelchair users, the bird watching station in the Unteres Odertal Nature Park or the "Senses Boxes" in the Spreewald biosphere reservation. It is never too late to make your first visit. Also do not forget to make a detour and visit our Nature Park centres! We have put together a few initial suggestions for you on this page. Go to Search & Find for other offers or browse our partner website for more inspiration.

Hoher Fläming Nature Park CentreListen to text: Hoher Fläming Nature Park Centre

Raben Nature Park Centre
Raben Nature Park Centre

The Old Distillery in Raben houses the Hoher Fläming Nature Park Centre, the most important starting point for visitors to the Nature Park, which is well prepared for every category of visitor. Its stair lift gives visitors access to the exhibition on the top floor, which also caters for visually impaired guests. The many and diverse leisure facilities offered by the Nature Park Centre also extend to visitors with learning difficulties. You can even hire a mobility scooter to negotiate terrain where there are no paths – e.g. to take a trip to the Castle of Rabenstein!

Here you will find detailed information on barrier-free status.
This will take you to the Hoher Fläming Nature Park’s brochure "Nature Park for All" (a 4.13 MB pdf file will load).

Bird watching from a WheelchairListen to text: Bird watching from a Wheelchair

Tern Bird watching Hide
Tern Bird watching Hide

The word has been going around among birdwatchers and ornithologists for a very long time now; there are only a few areas in Germany where you can observe so many bird species in a small area. Many species – for instance the great bustard – are only found in this part of Germany! For birdwatchers, Brandenburg signifies an experience regardless of the season. Rare breeding birds such as the barred warbler or the common rose finch during the breeding season, black terns and white-winged terns in the spring, large numbers of roosting cranes at the time of the autumn migration and flocks of water birds in the winter can be observed, sometimes at close range.

In the Lower Oder Valley National Park, we have devised something special for you; on the Oder embankment between Gatow and Schwedt, directly on the Oder-Neisse cycleway and situated on Polder 10, you will find the Tern Bird watching Hide. There are three observation hatches with openings for your knees where you can sit on a bench or in your wheelchair and relax while training your binoculars on the Oderbruch and over towards Poland.

Here you will find detailed information relating to barrier-free status in the National Park Visitor Centre in Criewen and the bird watching hide.

Moorland Adventure Trail “From Moor to Moor”Listen to text: Moorland Adventure Trail

Electric Wheelchairs on the Adventure Trail
Electric Wheelchairs on the Adventure Trail

The moorland adventure trail "From Moor to Moor" takes visitors on a 12km scenic trail around the Roofensee with the opportunity to experience different types of moorland in the Stechlin-Ruppiner Nature Park. There are five stations at which the guide will explain how these sensitive habitats developed and how they function and interact with native plant and animal life. Tours are organised by the Menz forestry field office. Station No. 4 incorporates barrier-free accessibility. The tour starts and ends at the NaturParkHaus Stechlin in Menz, where visitors can purchase an accompany brochure for the Moorland Adventure Trail. The Naturparkhaus itself has made an outstandingly successful effort to cater for visitors with disabilities.

Here you will find detailed information on barrier-free status for the Stechlin-Ruppiner Land Nature Park.

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