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“Search and Find” Search Mask
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"Search and Find" Search MaskListen to text: Search and Find Search Mask

The search mask for "Search and Find" is configured as follows:

First of all you will be asked which visitor group you are seeking information about. You will be able to choose between our five pictograms. To do this use the tab key to take you to the small input field next to one of the pictograms and activate this using the spacebar on your keyboard (space key). Alternatively you can activate it directly by clicking with the mouse. In a number of browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox) clicking on the pictogram itself with the mouse will also be sufficient. Checking more than one box is permitted. More information about the pictograms can be found here.

The second step is to indicate which of the three topics – Accommodation, Leisure or Eating and Drinking – you are interested in. Here too make your selection as described above. If you do not specify a selection here, hits from all three topics will be displayed.

The third input option will ask you which region you are searching for matches in. Keeping "All regions" as your base setting means that you will be able to identify hits from all over the State of Brandenburg. If you want to restrict the search geographically, then you have 12 popular travel destinations to choose from in a drop-down menu. You will find a map with an overview of the popular travel destinations within Brandenburg here.

In addition, you can conduct a keyword search. This is useful if you are, for example, searching for a specific provider or place and enter the name or part of the name in the Search field. Please use spaces to separate words if you are entering several search terms. The word you enter must consist of a minimum of two characters. As soon as you activate the "Start Search" button, a search for the matching results will be initiated. This may take up to 40 seconds in the first search, so we would ask you to be patient.

You wish to refine your search?

[Listen to text:] By activating the “Extended Search” button you can specify the category of the search item. Please remember that information for visitors with allergies and food intolerances is basically only available in conjunction with the main topics "Accommodation" and "Eating and Drinking" and not as an adjunct to the "Leisure" topic or any of its associated categories. Should no hits be displayed following your search, please universalize your details because database entries are not available in each category for all five pictograms.

Example: You are looking for a holiday apartment where information is also provided for persons with allergies. First of all, under "Visitor Group", highlight the corresponding pictogram top right, then highlight the topic "Accommodation". This will display all the accommodation outlets in the State of Brandenburg offering information for people with allergies. If you wish to narrow your search, go to "Extended Search" under the heading "Accommodation" and activate the "Holiday Apartment" category and decide on a particular region before you start the search.


Results Lists and Individual FiltersListen to text: Results Lists and Individual Filters

Following a successful search you will receive a list of results with various providers. The various hits will be summarised in List View, so there will only be a brief introduction for each of the individual providers. Many providers have a so-called "premium entry". These providers will be presented complete with photograph, text description and contact information, whereas the details for the other providers with a basic entry will be shorter. You can obtain detailed information on the individual providers by clicking on their names. You can also print out the Results List – for this you need to use the "Print Version" button.

Should the Results List be too comprehensive you have the possibility of refining your search. For this there are various filters available to you on the left hand side next to the Results List. Using these will help you to customize the hits precisely to suit your needs and preferences.

Example Walking disability:
Because of your walking disability you are looking for a hotel restaurant where access requires you to negotiate 1 step at the most. Door widths are not so important for you, nor do you have any specific requirements as far as the visitors’ toilet is concerned.
On the left under "Number of Steps" select basic setting "max. 1" and also keep all other criteria to comply with your basic setting.

Example Wheelchair user:
You are permanently reliant on a wheelchair and have no other means of getting about. Therefore, when searching for suitable accommodation, it is important to you that your room is accessible without the need to negotiate steps and that all doors are at least 80cm wide. The bathroom should incorporate a shower on a level with the floor and grab handles. With the help of the Search options on the left you can quickly narrow down the Results List to providers who match your requirements.
Please note: for us, anything above a height of 3cm counts as a step. You may therefore care to try using the setting "max. 1 step" if 3cm does not actually represent a barrier as far as you are concerned.


Detailed Information on Individual ProvidersListen to text: Detailed Information on Individual Providers

The data sheets for the individual providers are sometimes highly comprehensive so here we work with jump labels. Detailed information in relation to barrier-free status follows the general information about the provider (address and information on how to get there, where applicable including photograph and text description). Under the relevant pictogram along with its explanation you will find the most important headings in the data sheet set out as a kind of index of contents. These are the jump labels. If you activate one of these headings it will take you direct to the corresponding point in the data sheet. By referring to jump labels placed at regular intervals ("Up") you will be able to quickly find your way back to the beginning of any data sheet.
You can also print out the data sheets. A "Print Version" button is provided to enable you to do this.

Information Checks
The detailed information relating to the barrier-free status of individual providers has been checked by the Brandenburg Academy of Tourism and/or by trained contact persons from the regional holiday areas using check lists approved throughout the State of Brandenburg. You can find out who has checked out the information and when under "Data Collection". More information on the check lists is available here.

Voluntary Statements
Sometimes the detailed information is not based on an on-site inspection but on statements volunteered by the establishment itself. This is always the case for the visitor group "Visitors with Allergies and Special Dietary Requirements", in exceptional cases it may also apply to other particular data sheets. You can find out whether the information supplied is information that has been checked out or a voluntary statement by checking under "Data Collection".

In the case of voluntary statements, the best thing to do is to contact the provider and ask whether everything is in fact suitable for you. However, on the odd occasion errors may also crop up in regard to information that we ourselves have collected. If you notice that an item of information is incorrect, please let us know immediately so that we can check the information and put it right.


You are still not getting the search result you want?Listen to text: You are still not getting the search result you want?

Can’t get on with our search mask? Do you still need more information than the database is able to offer you (e.g. are you looking exclusively for hotels with a step-free shower measuring at least 1.5m x 1.5m and with a fixed installation shower seat)?

We shall be delighted to help you further and look forward to hearing from you either via email or by telephone.

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