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3 stars hotel ERROR: cannot translate. Error code: 403 Hotels, guesthouses etc. Provider with ADFC classification "Bed & Bike Yes, with star-classification Café Wildau Hotel & Restaurant am Werbellinsee

Wildau 19
16244 Schorfheide OT Eichhorst


Accommodation for allergy sufferers superior
A house rich in tradition with a contemporary concept. The newly built Café Wildau, Hotel & Restaurant am Werbellinsee, can undoubtedly be described by a buzzword. Our house combines the advantages of a classic excursion restaurant with modern, high standards of comfort and service. As a guest you will find everything you could wish for: an elegant restaurant with an exquisite selection of dishes and an exclusive hotel in the most beautiful scenic surroundings. Whether in the elegant Prussian room, the maritime sailing room or the dignified hunting room: in our house with room for up to 120 guests we serve culinary fish and game specialities from the region for every occasion. On our jetty and summer terrace our guests enjoy a wonderful view of the crystal-clear Werbellinsee.

For availability of accessible usable rooms and offers, we advise you also by phone: Tel. 033363-52630

t Information for guests with allergies and food intolerances

General Information

  • The distance to the nearest pollutant emission source (factory, heating station, petrol station, etc.) is more than 4,000 metres.
  • When furnishing the house, care is taken to use low-pollutant or non-polluting equipment.
  • The house is furnished without odour-intensive and allergenic plants.
  • During cleaning and care, care is taken to use mild, neutral, biodegradable cleaners, no solvents are used.
  • Complete operation is smoke-free
  • Non-smoking rooms are available
  • Comment The restaurant tables are decorated with flowers (seasonal).

pet allergy sufferers

  • Pet-free rooms are available

pollen allergy sufferers

  • There is always up-to-date information available about the seasonal course of the pollen flight in the region.

house dust mite allergy sufferers

  • The bed linen is washed with at least 60°C.
  • The guest rooms are equipped without open furniture or shelves, without upholstered furniture and without curtains made of thick fabrics.
  • The guest rooms are equipped with short pile carpeting, which is vacuumed daily.
  • Comment In some rooms upholstered furniture (sofa) are available

mold allergy sufferers

  • It is regularly shock ventilated.
  • There are guest rooms without houseplants or with exclusively hydroponic plants.
  • There are guest rooms without humidifier

Special nutritional requirements (breakfast buffet/hotel restaurant etc.)

  • Information on the ingredients of the food/meals used can be provided on request.
  • It is possible to arrange meals according to individual needs and quantities.
  • On request, snacks can also be served outside the scheduled meal times.
  • Food free of flavour enhancers is offered
  • Gluten-free food is offered
  • Free food is offered from major allergens
  • Lactose-free food is offered
  • Vegetarian food is offered
  • Vegan food is offered
  • On the menu/ buffet/ homepage you will find information that the staff is available to answer questions about allergies and food intolerances.

Professional competence/service

  • Information about further offers suitable for allergy sufferers and guests with special nutritional needs in the region can be made available.
  • Contact details for relevant contacts in the region are available
  • All employees are informed about the company's orientation towards guests with allergies and incompatibilities and take this into account in their daily work.
  • There are employees in the company who are trained for the target group. Other seminars and training attended see commentary
  • Comment: Chef: Diabetic cook

Collection of data

  • Date of self-disclosure 07.06.2018
  • The data presented here is a self-disclosure by the provider.