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Accessible for people with impaired mobility Holiday flats etc. Ferienhaus "Mühlenblick" Cammer

Feldstraße 10
14822 Cammer


Accommodation for wheelchair users Shelter mentally handicapped
The holiday home "Mühlenblick" is an old half-timbered building that has been saved from demolition and completely renovated. The aim was to preserve as much of the old flair as possible and to combine it with the requirements of today. In the house designed for eight persons you can spend a quiet holiday in the centre of the Potsdam-Mittelmark district and still in seclusion - the gentle wooded hills of the Zauche on one side, the extensive Belziger Landschaftswiesen on the other, the Hohe Fläming greets you with its elevations on the horizon. The Bock windmill, which rotates its wings twice a month, can be observed directly from the house, the quiet and romantic rattling of the millwork takes you back in time and contributes to deceleration. After only an hour's drive, you have left the hustle and bustle of the big city of Berlin behind you and can find peace and relaxation in Cammer.

t Information for guests with reduced mobility

Short description

General Information on Accessibility
  • no designated disabled parking spaces available
  • Access to the building: stepless
  • 1 holiday apartment with 4 rooms (1 of which can be reached steplessly on the ground floor)
  • new: brick ramp to reach the apartment also from the garden side.
  • Dining room: infinitely accessible
  • The sauna area is accessible via 1 step or mobile ramps, door width: 63 cm
Rooms and sanitary facilities
  • Width of the narrowest of all the doors to be used: 90 cm.
  • Movement area in the room: > 150 cm x > 150 cm.
  • Door width to sanitary area: 82 cm.
  • Movement area in front of the WC: > 150 cm x 89 cm, right 77 cm x 140 cm, left: > 150 cmx > 150 cm, handles available
  • Shower is infinitely variable with the wheelchair, movement area of the shower: 123 cm x > 150 cm, seat possibility is present in the shower
  • Bath tub with seat and boarding aid.

    car parking spaces

    • Comment Parking is possible directly on the yard or in front of the house.

    Access to the farm

    • stepless access
    • via ramp
    • Ramp length 1.54 m
    • Ramp inclination 12%
    • Entrance door passage width 101 cm


    • stepless access
    • passage width of the room door 90 cm
    • Width of the narrowest of all doors, corridors and passages to be used: 90 cm
    • Length of the area of movement before the passage to a long side of the bed >150 cm
    • Width of the area of movement before the passage to a long side of the bed >150 cm
    • Width of the moving surface on this long side of the bed 111 cm
    • Width of movement areas in front of furniture (e.g. cupboard) >150 cm
    • Width of the narrowest passage inside the room 111 cm
    • Height of the lying surface 58 cm
    • Number of accessible beds (at least 15 cm high, across the entire width of the bed) 1
    • Kitchen equipment (if available) not accessible by wheelchair
    • Number of height adjustable beds available: 2
    • Comment:
      • 1 bed is electronically adjustable and 1 bed is mechanically adjustable.
      • The bedrooms are on the ground floor.

    Sanitary room to the room

    • stepless access
    • Width of the door to the sanitary room 82 cm
    • Width of the narrowest of all doors, corridors and passages to be used 82 cm
    • Door opens into the sanitary room, but does not influence the movement surfaces
    • Length of the movement area in front of the washbasin >150 cm
    • Width of the movement area in front of the washbasin 131 cm
    • Depth of the washstand underride (67 cm high) 17 cm
    • Upper edge of washbasin (armrest surface) from floor 84 cm
    • mirror above the washbasin, visible while sitting or standing
    • Length of movement area in front of WC bowl 89 cm
    • Width of the movement area in front of the toilet bowl >150 cm
    • Length of movement area to the right of the toilet bowl 140 cm
    • Width of the movement area to the right of the toilet bowl 77 cm
    • Length of the movement area to the left of the toilet bowl >150 cm
    • Width of the movement area to the left of the toilet bowl >150 cm
    • Hand grips next to the WC on the right and left side available
    • Height (upper edge) of the handles 84 cm
    • The handholds protrude over the front edge of the toilet bowl 32 cm
    • Distance between handholds 71 cm
    • Both handles can be folded up and locked in the folded up position
    • Seat height of toilet bowl (upper edge of toilet seat) 50 cm
    • Infinitely variable shower for a wheelchair
    • Length of the movement area of the shower >150 cm
    • Width of the movement area of the shower 123 cm
    • height of shower handles from the floor 85 cm
    • other seating for the shower available
    • Height of shower armature (can be reached from a sitting position) 122 cm
    • no emergency call available
    • Comment: In the shower and in the bathtub there are mobile handholds with suction cup, bathtub with seat and boarding aid.

    Access to conference and event rooms

    • stepless access
    • Comment: The dining room can also be used for lectures and meetings.

    Access to breakfast room/restaurant/dining room

    • stepless access

    Access to the wellness area

    • Number of levels 1
    • Total height of steps 11 cm
    • Passage width of the narrowest of all doors, corridors and passages to be used 63 cm
    • comment
      • Access to the sauna is via the courtyard. There are 2 mobile ramps with a length of 1.52 m available. These provide stepless access.
      • Sauna users should be able to move around, as the movement area is very small.

    The above data were collected for

    • Apartment (number of rooms: ) 4
    • The establishment is also suitable for groups of guests with reduced mobility.

    Professional competence/service

    • Information about further barrier-free offers in the region can be made available.
    • Transfer or pick-up from the station/bus stop etc. is possible.
    • There are employees in the company who are trained for the target group.
    • Comment: There is a pick-up service from Brück or Brandenburg an der Havel railway stations.

    Collection of data

    • Date of data collection 08.05.2018
    • Researcher (Institution) Tourism Academy Brandenburg

    t Information for Guests with Learning Disabilities/ "Mental Disability

    Short description

    • Each room has a specific color. That's a good way to find your way around. There is a blue room, a green room, a room in orange and apricot.
    • 8 persons can sleep in the house. The ground floor can accommodate 2 people in wheelchairs. On the upper floor there are 3 rooms. Two people can live in each of these rooms.
    • On the farm you can grill and have breakfast.
    • If you have a horse, you can bring it with you. Next door there is a stable and a paddock.
    • There's a big meadow to play in.
    • A sauna belongs to the holiday house.
    • Guided tours through the mill next door are offered.
    • In the village there are animals: horses, ducks, chickens, caniches, parrots. You are welcome to visit them.
    • There is also a Guts Park with a playground.
    • There's a parish house. Here you can do sports. Or celebrate parties.
    • Goltsov is not far away. There's crocodiles there. You can look at them.

      That's good to know:

      • There is a lot of information about this offer. They're easy to understand. There are many good pictures in the information. You explain a lot of things.
      • Everything will be explained and shown to you in peace. You can ask questions.
      • Do you need an accompanying person or support? Do you need a care service? We can make recommendations.
      • Further information: On the website there is information in Easy Language

      We can still do that for you:

      • Would you like to have tips for excursions without barriers? We have ideas for you.
      • We can pick you up at the station. Or from the bus stop. Or we can recommend a driving service to you.
      • We have a lot of experience with guests with learning difficulties.

      Who collected this information? When?

      • Experts have checked: Is the information above correct?
      • Researcher (Institution) Tourism Academy Brandenburg
      • When is the information from? 08.05.2018