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gastronomy ERROR: cannot translate. Error code: 403 Gasthof zum grünen Baum

Templiner Straße 4
17268 Boitzenburger Land OT Boitzenburg


Gastronomy for allergy sufferers
After extensive renovation work, the Gasthof zum grünen Baum was returned to its original purpose: the hospitality and accommodation of guests. An inn was already being operated at the site a good 250 years ago. Small family celebrations are possible. Barrier-free architecture plays a major role in welcoming visitors of all ages or with physical disabilities.
Here you will be offered creative delicacies with the best ingredients of the region in the horse stable of the former inn, or in the beer garden under old lime trees.
Speciality of the house: The BoitzenBurger in the classic version with beef and as vegetarian version with spicy vegetable boulette. Also: Uckermärker Tapas made from regional products.

Tip: Apartments are available for overnight accommodation, two of them on the ground floor are barrier-free.

Rain check:Gift idea for a delicious meal for two, with friends or the whole family (also for overnight stays), order by e-mail: Enter the desired amount and for whom or what the voucher is intended

Opening Hours

Friday 17:30h - 21:00h
Saturday 17:30h - 21:00h
Sunday/Holiday 12:00h - 21:00h
Monday 17:30h - 21:00h
Thursday 17:30h - 21:00h

t Information for guests with allergies and food intolerances

Brief description

In our food preparation we do completely without finished products. Our guests can put together their own meal from three categories, so that a solution can be found for every allergy sufferer. A detailed list of allergens facilitates the choice. About 50% of our meals are prepared vegan.

    General Information

    • The distance to the nearest pollutant emission source (factory, heating plant, filling station, etc.) is more than 4,000 metres
    • When furnishing the house, care is taken to use low-pollution or pollution-free equipment
    • When furnishing the house, we avoid using odorous and allergenic plants
    • For cleaning and care, care is taken to use mild, neutral, biodegradable cleaners, no solvents are used.
    • The complete operation is smoke-free

    Animal hair allergy sufferers

    • There are no animals on the holding and its immediate surroundings

    House dust mite allergy sufferers

    • In the restaurant the humidity is below 50 percent
    • There is no open furniture or shelves, upholstered furniture and curtains made of thick fabrics
    • The restaurant is equipped with short pile carpet, which is vacuumed daily

    Mould allergy sufferers

    • Regular shock ventilation is provided
    • There are no houseplants or only hydroponic plants on the farm

    Specific nutritional needs

    • Information on the ingredients of the food / meals used can be provided on request
    • There is the possibility to put together meals according to individual needs and quantities
    • On request, snacks can be served outside the scheduled meal times
    • Organic food is offered
    • Food free from flavour enhancers is offered
    • Gluten-free diet is offered
    • Food free from major allergens is offered
    • Kosher food is offered
    • Lactose-free food is offered
    • Vegetarian food is offered
    • Vegan food is offered
    • On menus / buffet / homepage there are special notes for guests with allergies / food intolerances
    • On menus / buffet / homepage you will find information about the alcohol content of the food
    • On menus / buffet / homepage you will find information that the staff is available for questions about allergies and food intolerances

    Professional competence / Service

    • All employees are informed about the orientation of the company towards guests with allergies and intolerances and take this into account in their daily work
    • A member of staff in service and kitchen is always available as a competent contact person in the company

    Collection of data

    • The data presented here is a self-disclosure by the provider
    • Date of self-disclosure: 2020-07-03