Help with Using this WebsiteListen to text: Help with Using this Website

At this point we would like to take the opportunity of giving you a few important tips on using our website.

Site Layout and Navigation
Using the Website without a Mouse
Changing the Font Size
Changing the Colour
Read Aloud function with mp3 files
pdf files

Site Layout and NavigationListen to text: Site Layout and Navigation

Using the horizontal main navigation bar above and the sub-navigation bar on the left hand side you can, with just a few clicks, access the entire content of our website. Users of screen readers who do not always want to have the top menu bar read aloud in its entirety can, with the help of the two jump labels arranged at the top on the left and going by the name of "Main Content" and "Sub-navigation" jump to the corresponding sections on the website.

The content of the website will appear in the main contents field. This includes both texts in the form of articles (on the topics pages) and data sheets with detailed information on the extent to which individual providers are barrier-free. At the end of the articles you will often find Links to related information. This may be pages within our website itself but also external websites or documents to download.

A so-called "Breadcrumb Navigation" facility is located directly above the main contents section. You can use this to reconstruct the route you used (i.e. via which menu items) to get to the respective page. The Breadcrumb Navigation facility also acts as an additional navigation bar: You can click on the individual menu items that appear there.


Using the Website without a MouseListen to text: Using the Website without a Mouse

You can move through all sections of our website by using the keyboard as well as the mouse. Use the tab key to go directly to the hyperlinks on the current page. Once you have selected a hyperlink in this way, you will be able to confirm that with a mouse click or with the Enter key.

For pages that contain a large amount of text (e.g. this Help page, company information, Search Help as well as the data sheets which contain detailed information on the barrier-free status of individual providers), we have inserted so-called "jump labels" for you. Using jump labels placed at regular intervals target-orientated navigation with the tab key is possible. Jump labels are also confirmed by a mouse click or with the Enter key.

Access Keys
Access keys, as they are known in English, allow you to access the content of the website directly via the keyboard. With their help you can access the navigation facility and the contents of individual pages without detouring.

We have set up the following access keys for you in relation to this Internet page:

S - Start page
C - Contact
I - Company information
H - Help
Q - Search & Find
T - Themes
E - Simple Language

In order to be able to use the access keys you need to use a hot key. This varies depending on the browser used:

Windows and Internet Explorer: Alt + access key + Enter
Windows and Firefox Version 2.0 and higher: Alt + Shift + access key
Windows and Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape: Alt + access key


Change Font SizeListen to text: Change Font Size

In addition to the options for increasing the font size for your browser, our website offers you the possibility, in the topmost navigation bar, of increasing or decreasing the font size.


Changing ColourwayListen to text: Changing Colourway

Alongside the option to change the size of the font you will find, in the top navigation bar, a facility to change the way colour is used on the Internet page. This means that, if required, the texts can be presented with white characters against a black background.


ReadAloud Function with mp3 FilesListen to text: ReadAloud Function with mp3 Files

Acoustic information in the form of an MP3 file is available for most of the sections on our Internet page. This relates to the written texts that can be read aloud to you. To listen to the MP3 files you will need a suitable MP3 player, e.g. Microsoft, Quicktime or iTunes. You may also download the mp3 files on to your computer and listen to them later when you are no longer online.


Pdf FilesListen to text: Pdf Files

Some information is made available to you in the form of a PDF file for downloading. To display / read the PDF files you will need Adobe Reader, which you can download here free of charge.

We make every effort to design the PDF documents so that they are as barrier-free as possible. Should you experience difficulties in reading the documents in PDF format, please do not hesitate to contact us. We shall be pleased to send you the documents in a format accessible to yourself.