Brandenburg Questionnaires

We have compiled a total of 14 check lists for Brandenburg which relate to the sectors Accommodation, Catering and Leisure for each of the 5 visitor groups. We apply high quality requirements to the data and therefore, as a rule, do not permit any individual voluntary statements. This is only possible for the Allergies sector.

Here you will find more information on the background to the check lists.

You can download the questionnaires here. (In the form of a 470 kB pdf file)

Info Material for Tourism Providers

On this page you will find a selection of our materials for providers of tourist services. In addition to the information set out here there are numerous other materials, for example, the detailed training folders for the series of seminars "Brandenburg for All – barrier-free tourism" as well as materials relating to our Workshops.

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Guidelines for Visitor Groups

As a provider of tourism services you will be used to dealing with different people. However, one is not always experienced in stressful situations when dealing with visitors who have a need for a particular service.

We have compiled five different sets of Guidelines for you which are intended to help you to become acquainted with the most important target groups in relation to barrier-free tourism. Also set out in the Guidelines are the most important aids, tips and tricks as well as details of your contacts in the State of Brandenburg.

Guideline: Visitors with restricted mobility (in the form of a 370 kB pdf file)
Guideline: Visually impaired visitors (in the form of a 460 kB pdf file)
Guideline: Visitors with hearing impediments (in the form of a 285 kB pdf file)
Guideline: Visitors with learning difficulties / "intellectually impaired" (in the form of a 310 kB pdf file)
Guideline: Visitors with allergies and special dietary requirements (in the form of a 327 kB pdf file)

If you are interested in further related information with practical tips and exercises, we can recommend that you try our Seminars and Workshops.